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Παρασκευή, 6 Ιουλίου 2018

Firmware Engineer στην εταιρεία KENOTOM

 Kenotom is an engineering services provider with focus on the automotive electronics industry. The main activities lie in the area of Basic Software (drivers) for Electronic Control Units (ECUs), Function and Diagnostics Software for ECUs, Testing and Test Automation of ECUs. Our young and agile team constantly grows through its partnerships with some of the largest automotive electronics suppliers.
Kenotom provides a dynamic working environment in the frontend of the automotive technology.

We are looking immediately to employ 2 highly motivated Firmware Engineers.

Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are placed into vehicles performing numerous automation and safety procedures. The low level software development of such units is a demanding procedure, requiring deep understanding of the microcontroller and its peripherals, knowledge in electronics and high programming skills. Additionally, testing of the functionalities is a key element to meet international levels of safety, since such Electronics that fail in the field are an active hazard to human life. The testing procedures must be rigorous, with a high sense of responsibility and with great attention to detail.

The primary responsibilities of this position are:
1. Design, implement & test drivers for microcontrollers, peripherals, communication protocols and external ASICs
2. Adapt existing drivers according to customer Change Requests
3. Debug & fix problems in existing drivers according to Failure Reports
4. Define, implement and execute unit tests – generate the required reports

The candidate will be responsible for working as a part of a large development team with other engineers to ensure that program goals are met, schedules are maintained and problems encountered during the development process are resolved. The position is based in Thessaloniki, GR and occasional travel to the customer’s premise may occur.

Studies / Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree / Diploma in Electrical / Electronic Engineering or similar is required
Relevant Master’s Degree in Embedded Systems or similar is a plus
Involvement in embedded systems projects (hobby and/or professional) is a plus

Strong understanding & command of the programming language C
Experience in Linux kernel programming is a plus
Ability to work with and handle problems of data acquisition tooling & instrumentation
Ability to transform information from datasheets into software
Familiarity with embedded systems concepts (microcontrollers, peripherals, external ASICs, communication protocols, etc.)
Familiarity with Real-Time systems concepts
Defensive programming skills, familiarity with common C-programming caveats
Ability to navigate, understand & adapt large existing codebases
Experience in source control, change management and issue tracking
Knowledge of German is a plus
Attention to detail and thoroughness
Documentation Skills - Ability to write fluently to describe system design & test results
Ability to effectively communicate with peers, supervisors and customers
Ability to work independently with minimal supervision


Please send your CVs at  along with a motivational letter, reflecting the candidate’s personality and capability to perform the duties required.


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